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Bringing people with ARFID together.

Connect: Mission

The mission with Connect is simple.

Our connect program will aim to bring people from the same regions together to socialise and battle the disorder.

We have seen over the last three years how impactful a global community can have on the mental health and recovery efforts of an individual. It impowers people to seek help and allows individuals to become more rounded individuals.

Want in?

Connect will start as an early access platform. We will take details from you via our signup form. Once matches are confirmed, we will then email you via

We will only match you with people close by. For example, a person residing in NC, USA will only be matched with people in NC.

As this is an early access platform, we will make changes based on feedback from you.

How will my data be stored?

Here's the important bit.

Your data will be stored in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and against our privacy policy (view here).

You can request for your data to be deleted at anytime. Unlike most services, we will not be sending out large amounts of emails.

Will I get support from YAWA?


Young Adults with ARFID (YAWA for short) will continue to support you. This is a new layer of support from us and, whilst it is in early access, you are automatically entitled to the same amounts of supports as if you were accessing any other service (e.g. Weekly Zoom Calls)

Is this free? Who's it for?

This service is completely free. The only requirement is you must complete our signup form (top of this page).


This service is for our young adults who access any of our services (e.g. Facebook Group, Instagram Page, Weekly Zoom Calls). We are leaving it in your hands if you believe that you are a young adult.


We understand that parents may want to use this service however, please hold tight. This service is only for our Young Adults who are not parents.

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