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Updated April 2024

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The Picky Eater's Recovery Book

Written by Jennifer Thomas, Kendra Becker and Kamryn Eddy -  three ARFID experts at Harvard Medical School - to learn how to beat your ARFID at home and unlock a healthier relationship with food. Real-life examples show that you are not alone, while practical tips, quizzes, worksheets, and structured activities, take you step-by-step through the latest evidence-based treatment techniques to support your recovery.

Safe Food List Template

Store a list of your safe foods on one document. Use the template on a per month basis as you try more foods.

TTFA - ARFID episode

TTFA (Terrible, thanks for asking podcast) podcast covering ARFID in 2019.

CBT-AR Research Paper

A research paper entitled "Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder" by Jennifer J. Thomas, Ph.D., Olivia Wons, B.S., and Kamryn Eddy, Ph.D.

r/ARFID Subreddit

The subreddit for everything ARFID hosted on Reddit.


Made by Azura from the ARFIDSupport discord.

The Minnesota Experiment

Amid the privations of World War II, 36 men voluntarily starved themselves so that researchers and relief workers could learn about how to help people recover from starvation.

ARFID Awareness UK

A charity raising awareness of ARFID.

Food Experiment Template

Use our template over a course of three days to monitor your thoughts over trying a new piece of food.


A charity in the UK that raises awareness of eating disorders.

Eating Disorders and Substance Misuse

According to National Eating Disorders Association, up to half of all people with eating disorders also use alcohol or drugs. Up to 35% of all people with substance use disorders also have eating disorders. Learn more from our friends over at Bicycle Health.

Understanding Social Media & Body Image

Brought to you by Social Media Victims Law Center

ARFID Collaborative

Dedicated clinicians, serving family members and individuals with ARFID. They also have a list of support groups and a list of providers.

The cerebral palsy guide

From our friends at the Cerebral Palsy Guide.

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