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weekly calls.

Connecting you to others, celebrating progress.

Our weekly calls are our staple. They've been defined as "free therapy" and an open space for all to share! It's also a place for people with our eating disorder to come together to talk about the disorder, life and just about everything in between. It's an inclusive space that is diverse in culture, accepts and welcomes everyone.

How do your calls work?

Good question.

Calls run on a weekly basis and are publicised every Wednesday and Saturday morning. Calls are every Saturday at 7pm UK time (To find out if it is 7pm in London, click here) but you can join at anytime after the calls have started.

We use Google Meet as our platform. All you need to access our calls is the link (available when selecting the correct event via our events), an internet connection, the Google Meet app (for phones, but optional) or a internet browser.

Whilst we recommend having a camera / microphone, we will never force you to be on camera or to unmute yourself if you feel uncomfortable!

What can I expect?

During the call, you can expect a variety of different discussion points and opportunities for your voice to be heard by people like you. Topics range from new courses launching on Young Adults with ARFID, ARFID in a global context and the world of private healthcare.

As our attendee numbers vary (generally you can expect a very small group of people) it means we also discuss everyday life topics such as relationships, college and even games.

From time to time, we also host games nights using a variety of different platforms.

How can I join?

Click on our events tab at the top of this website.

  1. Request a free "ticket" via our events page - this lets us know who is coming and so we can send you instructions for how to join the calls via email (Tip: You can also add it as a reminder in a Google Calendar)

  2. When it's time, join!

If you need help joining or have further questions, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help 😊

We're updating our help video so check this space again soon. For now, if you need help contact

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